Friday, 15 June 2012

After several years (can it be around 7?) of using Eclipse (now Indigo) as my only Java IDE, I finally switched to Netbeans 7.1.2.

You may ask: why? Well...
  1. Network issues over several years now:
    As we use Eclipse in our company we require a working Proxy configuration in Eclipse. There were always hassles with it, just with some workarounds (switching some client off in eclipse.ini...) we got it somehow working. But not completely. I installed Netbeans in parallel and you guess what... it worked out of the box.
    1:0 for Netbeans
  2. Maven issues:
    For supporting Maven features we installed m2eclipse plugin in Eclipse. It works. But not completely. I do not know how often we had to refresh, update project configuration, clean, install and finally clean the project with Eclipse internal automatic build until everything was not red anymore. On command line maven had no problem... And when having a class with same name in src/main/java and in src/test/java (test overwriting main in test environment) Eclipse always marked one of them as red (duplicate)...
    In Netbeans no special plugin is necessary, it worked out of the box. No classpath problems with test and main class.
    2:0 for Netbeans
  3. Memory consumption:
    Eclipse gets slower and slower with many projects open concurrently. Netbeans seems to be less massive... Just a feeling... so no points yet...

So for now I feel lucky. Maybe this will be relativated in the next weeks, but for now it solves some problems.

By the way: other colleagues switched to IntelliJ... Eclipse seems to loose ground. And that because of just some stupid annoyances. But so is the world: if a customer get's mad about one single fault you loose him...